Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

This list has been prepared to aid our patients in their research to find providers offering alternative healthcare.  Many healthcare providers are on this list because of recommendations from our patients.  We do not endorse any individual or facility on this list.  It is the responsibility of each person to investigate the credentials and services of these providers.

Dr. Joseph Cannizzaro

Dr. Don Colbert

Dr. Dominick D’Anna

Deborah D’Antonio

Dr. Manuel Faria

Healing Alternatives
Lisa Beaury, DOM/AP, Kathleen MacIsaac MD

Dr. Travis Herring

Sheri Johnson, CHC, CLC
Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach

Dr. Amar Kalidas
Dr. Kirti Kalidas

Dr. Anis Khalaf

Dr. Linda Matteoli

Dr. Saima Qureshi

Dr. Jennifer Vaughn

Whole Family Healthcare
Steven D Antonio, AP , Jeffrey Mueller, MD