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Holistic Dental Health is a father-and-son practice that began in Sanford in 1969 with a mission that continues today – to provide the very best dental care based upon the latest research.

With a Florida history dating back into the 1800’s, Dr. George Edwards and Dr. David Edwards believe in the traditional value of paying close attention to the total health of each patient. You can be sure you’re receiving the best care since they stay abreast of the most recent research, advanced techniques and sophisticated equipment.

In 1988; research began to indicate that the health of dental patients was being adversely affected by common, and frequently used, dental materials which later were proven to be toxic. This started our journey to provide dental care which safely removes these toxic materials and replaces with only the most non-toxic and compatible materials available.

We continually stay on top of the latest research because we want to provide you with the very best care. Each year we log countless hours and miles because our promise to you is that the treatment you receive today will be based on the very latest research.

As you probably know, research has shown that the health of your teeth is a precursor to your overall health. This is the reason we chose Holistic Dental Health to identify who we are. We work hand in hand with your Physician because we are committed to ensuring that everything possible is done to maintain the healthiest you possible.

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