Dental Revisions

Dental revision is a multi-step process including assessment, treatment planning, treatments and follow-up.

Our office takes great pride in using the most advanced materials to restore teeth to their optimum condition resulting in a more natural appearance. We use state of the art equipment and materials to give you the results that you want and expect. Great strides have been made in dental restorative materials that allow us to improve your appearance while gaining both function and durability.

All of our crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, nightguards and retainers are American made right here in Sanford making our turn-around times quick. Offering local appointments for custom shade matching is convenient and simple.

We use ozonated water in all of operatories for all treatment.



To treat a cavity Dr. Edwards will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then “fill” the area on the tooth where the decayed material was removed. The filling material is a tooth-colored composite material that does NOT contain BPA or BIS-GMA. Fillings/restorations are also used for amalgam removal, to repair cracked/broken teeth and/or teeth that have been worn down from nail-biting or tooth grinding.



Our crowns are made in a dental laboratory according to Dr. Edwards’ prescription. They are used to cap teeth that have been damaged beyond repairs normally made chairside. We create beautiful and life-like cosmetic results with ceramic materials that eliminate traditional metal. Crowns are very reliable due to the strength of the material and the bonded attachment to the prepared tooth structure. This procedure requires two office visits; preparation and delivery. We offer both ceramic and zirconia crowns (both are non-metal.)



A bridge eliminates the space created when a tooth is removed. The teeth on either side of the space are prepared for crowns. The dental laboratory joins the crowns with a pontic (artificial tooth) to form the bridge. The crowns of the bridge are bonded to the prepared teeth. This procedure also requires two office visits; preparation and delivery. We place zirconia bridges. Strong, but not metal.


Partial Denture & Full Denture

Our partial dentures and full dentures are metal-free removable appliances that replace missing teeth. There are many new products that make this service cosmetically appealing.

Dentures can help fill out the sunken cheek bone areas that come with aging. These appliances need to be examined for fit and function annually. They generally last 4-5 years. This service takes several visits.



Extraction of teeth is a surgical procedure. Dr. Edwards has studied many surgical procedures and uses the Ogram System. The Ogram System is an atraumatic system for simple and complex non-impacted tooth removal that protects the original cortical crestal bone, buccal-lingual plate, alveolus, periosteum, interproximal and soft tissues.

During the extraction process, Dr. Edwards also removes the periodontal ligament and any cystic debris from the socket.  This additional, and very important process, allows the bone to fill in naturally preventing a cavitation.


Implant Crowns & Bridges

We work with a periodontists that can place titanium or zirconia implants.

Once they have integrated with your bone, we can restore them with ceramic or zirconia.  We are familiar with multiple implants systems.



We use PRF (platelet rich fibrin) from your blood in all of our surgeries, including all extractions.

Our assistants are phlebotomists. They will draw blood at the beginning of your appointment (please make sure you’re well hydrated). Our centrifuge will spin your blood until the fibrin separates. Then your fibrin will be placed in the socket to help the bone reform.