New Patients

New Patients

We welcome new patients to our office. Many of our new clients are referred by our current patients and healthcare professionals.

Prior to your first appointment, we have new patient forms we would like you to complete and send back to us via email (, fax (407.330.0953) or USPS.

If you prefer; you may print, complete, and bring the appropriate forms with you to your appointment.

This is an editable PDF. Depending upon your computer; you can open the document, type in your responses and print/save the forms.

NEW PATIENT – ADULT: If you are an adult coming in for a thorough dental examination, you will choose the “New Patient – Adult” forms.

NEW PATIENT – CHILD: If you are completing the new patient information for your child, please choose the “New Patient – Child” forms.

These forms consist of basic information that will be a part of your permanent record. It is important for you to be as accurate as possible as we will evaluate them carefully. Unless there is an immediate problem, your first visit will consist of a comprehensive oral evaluation. We will also perform a screening for periodontal disease, TMJ problems and oral cancer.


Digital Imaging

Digital Images (x-rays) are used in the examination process to diagnose conditions to formulate a treatment plan. Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment from Kodak allows us to use up to 90% less diagnostic radiation. This process allows us to protect the environment by eliminating the use of chemicals, films, and lead shields previously required. We can now see enhanced images of tooth structures (decay, bone abscesses and cysts, signs of gum disease, evidence of development abnormalities, trauma, and systemic illnesses). Digital imaging allows us to find early stages of decay that cannot be seen with normal white light. Images taken with digital technology show up on the computer screen immediately and can be enlarged and enhanced for our use. These images are saved in patients computer file. They can be retrieved quickly and can be sent via email to other doctors allowing them to view the same quality image we have. This advanced technology is very important in providing accurate information for our patients to use in the co-development of treatment plans.


Intra Oral Photography

An Intra Oral Camera is approximately the size of a pencil and is indispensable in viewing those hard-to-get-to areas of the mouth. Like our digital images, intra oral photos are integrated into computer software. Images appear immediately and can be enlarged so both the dentist and the patient can see conditions more clearly. These photos can be retrieved, printed, or emailed to distant consultants helping us to perform the best dentistry possible for our patients.